When buying or selling a house you need a plumber.



Get a video inspection. of the plumbing Do not be surprised .This will help you go into it with eyes opened. I once was called for a frantic emergency. Where I found the homeowner’s sadly standing in their flooded basement. This could have been avoided. IF you are ready to make an offer .You should have someone run a sewer camera down the pipe. It’s an affordable insurance. If you happen to find a clean pipe, you win. If you find tree roots you can make a choice to buy the property or to pass. If they want to sell the house, more than likely the seller will agree to get the pipe cleaned before closing. You find a broken pipe you have won. I have seen people negotiate enough money back at closing to cover a down payment. Or you cannot spend on a inspection, spend your life savings and pray that if there is a problem you can find enough money between your checking account and credit cards to pay for your repair. Sewer repairs range from $1,500 to $20,000 depending on the circumstances i.e. depth, distance, cutting down large trees, replacing sidewalks, and driveways. Imagine the cost of having to go through your neighbor’s yard, digging up the street and having to hire a cop to direct traffic.

Our video inspection is only $175.


The advantages of having a videotape or a DVD made of your sewer line are:
· A strong selling point
· To show the buyer there is no need to fear for future plumbing mishaps.
· It puts you in compliance with the real estate disclosures laws.
· It saves you from unnecessary lawsuits.


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