Clogged sewer’s are more common than you know.  If you find your sewer line is clogged it doesn’t automatically mean your in major problems.  Sewer pipe back-ups are a common occurrence.  Getting your sanitary sewer snaked should clean the drain pipe and solve your drain problem in no time at all!  Hiring a plumber to clean a sewer is far safer and cheaper than using a dangerous rental snake. They often get stuck in pipes and wrap around novice hands. We offer polite knowledgeable plumbers who provide an excellent service every time!  Why do it yourself when we can do clear your sewer for as low as just $205.00.

Common Causes for a Clogged Sewer

  • Tree root’s
  • Plastic bag’s
  • Grease
  • Tampon’s
  • Hair
  • Condom’s
  • Lint

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Letting our experienced plumbers unclog your sewer drain will save you time and money.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in cleaning all types of drains, sewers and more.

Sewer lateral’s snaked, unplugged, rootered, cleared and tree root’s removed for as low as $205.00.


Clogged Sewer Repair in CT & MA

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