Helpful Plumbing Drain Tips

· Don’t use acid (see article on Drain Chemical).
· Use green products for household cleaning and clogged drains.
· Print and complete a free drain checklist and store in your files.
· Do preventive maintenance on sewers and outside drains.
· Get a video inspection (read the article on buying and selling a home).
· Don’t abuse your garbage disposal. It’s a major cause of clogs and grease that can kill your septic tanks leaching fields which can be expensive.
· Use a lint trap over your washer line hose. This will stop large amounts of lint from clogging the washer lines and sinks which could cause leakage into the fields.
· Have a 4” cleanout installed. It will save money, time, and stress. For example, you do not have to be home for these services to work. The plumber/ drain cleaner can use a larger cutter on the snake in some instances. This will result in less frequent backups as well as less mess inside the house, which will protect your family, pets and property.