Drain Critters: Unwanted visitor’s to your plumbing drain’s

Gators – There is a chance for these animals to get in your drain if you live in gator territory i.e. Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. However, Connecticut residents have nothing to worry about.

Snakes – It is possible for snakes to get caught in drains.

Bees – They are more common in roof vents and gutters.

Cockroaches – These are found mostly in city sewers.

Sewer Flies – They are commonly found everywhere.

Raccoons – These can sometimes stumble into the storm sewers.

Skunks – One was found in Vernon, CT. in a driveway drain and the smell was so unbearable that I put my snake behind my garage for the summer.

Rats – These are found in residential and municipal drains. I once found one so big, trying to get through a sewer pipe that I had to warn the bystander not to scream.