Drain & Sewer Locating Services

Sewer LocatingDo you have thousands  of dollars to waste?  Electronic sewer location can shave alot off an excavation bill.

Electronic Underground Plumbing Pipe Locating using various types of equipment. A  plumbing drain technician can trace sewer lines, plumbing lines, water lines, locate buried utility lines, pinpoint broken or misaligned plumbing pipes, yard traps, and lost clean-outs. This saves TMS (Time, Money, and Stress) on top of giving you an exact location it also will give you the depth of the target.

When you have a blocked drain or sewer it can be tricky to determine the cause of the problem.  Without a sewer locating service the only other option is to excavate around your drain to find the cause of the issue.  This can be extremely time consuming, costly and often inaccurate.

Eliminating the guess work prevents the need for unnecessary excavation, saving lawns, trees, porches, side walks, and driveways. When you schedule a sewer locating service it will afford you the opportunity to repair a small section opposed to digging up and replacing a whole pipe.

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